Thursday, May 31, 2012

Last Doctor Appointment Before D-Day

I am finally done with my last OB appointment today with a passing non-stress test (NST). Two days ago, I got to see Dr. Messer after the ultrasound. Ultrasound by the way estimated her weight at 6.13 lbs. This girl might be smaller than her Ate Evie. The technician though told us that it's not the accurate weight at all specially at this stage where the baby is all scrunch down because of how small the space there is left. Because of being curled inside, the ultrasound would not be able to get a full measurement of the body parts. Everything looked and sounded great though which is the most important thing of all! That's what everyone's hoping for. Praise be to God!

Longer than Usual NST

My NST today took longer than the normal 20 minutes. There was a part on the print of the heart rate showing gaps which is not acceptable at all. My little pea in the pod was moving so much, so everytime she kick and poke, the monitor on my belly shifted, causing it to lose track of the heartbeat. I had to restart the session and was only released after making sure that the print didn't show gaps for the whole duration of 20 minutes.

Hiccups in My Tummy

Now I know that the pulse-like movement I feel sometimes in my belly are baby hiccups. At some point, I was wondering what it was. The staff attending to me said that it's hiccups. Well, the little one in my tummy had hiccups during the NST. It's pleasing to hear it than just feel it.

Things to Do Before D-day

The BIG day is fast approaching. Less than a week, five days to be exact. There are still lots of things to prepare. Has not washed the new bottles yet. Still has to pack our bags to take to the hospital and Evie's Tinker Bell luggage to take to her Nana and Grampa's place. She will be staying with them while me and her Dada are in the hospital. Hubby has just assembled the baby car seat and still has to install it in the car beside the big sister's car seat. Thankfully, we're done with shampooing the carpet last weekend and some dusting. But I still need to do some cleaning again. I am supposed to rest a few days before the big day, but I have this thing in me where I "need" to do this and that which eventually makes me end up exhausting myself. Just today, I washed dishes by hands again when in fact, just weeks ago I decided to leave it all up to the dishwasher. Oh well. When I told my husband about it, he said that I was just being stubborn. After dinner, I started messing in the kitchen again until someone got noticed of what I was doing and asking me if I needed "time out" like what my daughter gets when she does something not acceptable. Thank you for the man who is there to remind me to rest sometimes. I need it. I need him.

Hopefully, we'd be able to accomplish everything we need to prepare this weekend for the coming of our new blessing at home. Getting so excited!!!

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