Monday, May 21, 2012

Organic Gardening

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My beautiful garden 2 years ago.

Using organic soil to grow vegetables and flowers has been in my mind lately. Probably because I was inspired by a friend who does organic gardening in their own backyard. They make their own organic plant food through making their own compost using peels of fruits and vegetables, leaves, coffee grounds, and more. I was amazed how the materials they used for composting turned into natural fertilizer in a form of soil. She even told me that the tomatoes that grew in their pots were not planted by them, but just grew naturally from the compost soil. Those tomatoes are beauties. Quite inspiring for me indeed. However, composting takes effort. With another addition to the family coming, I am not sure if I have the time to do it. At the same time, organic gardening is something that I really want to try specially with vegetables and herbs. Eating produce that were grown in organic fertilizer is so much better than the conventional fertilizer, health-wise and for the environment. How I wish composting is that easy. Thankfully, I have another option that will make my gardening dream come true: Whitney Farms®

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I didn't know that organic plant food is available in the market. Knowing that natural fertilizer from Whitney Farms is just within reach makes me happy and excited to start gardening when the busyness of my motherhood life settles down after the little one arrives. I would love to share and enjoy planting blooms and produce in our backyard with my daughters and teach them about organic planting. I am also glad that this brand's organic plant food has no manure odor, something I don't have to worry with my little ones not wanting to get near or touch the soil. I look forward to using this product.

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