Friday, June 1, 2012

Cold, Cold, Go Away!

If and when the big day is coming, my entire household is plagued with the nasty cold. My daughter's started few days ago and mine was yesterday. Hubby's not that bad. I worry that we don't get better before Tuesday specially for my Evie. She won't be able to visit us in the hospital and see her little sister while we're there if she'd still be sick by then.

There's so much pressure in my sinuses today. Making me feel awful. Woke up at three in the morning and wasn't able to go back to sleep. Very little sleep today. But glad was able to take a two hour nap. That helped recharging my batteries. Water is my primary source to cure this cold. The only downside of it is that, every one or two minutes, I have to run to the bathroom to empty my bursting bladder. It's harder when you're in your almost 39 weeks of pregnancy. I am hoping that the water therapy will help get rid this sickness that's making me miserable right now. It's not really a good thing being sick and having a new baby whose immune system is not as strong yet. But the ultimate Healer is with us. I lift up everything to Him and do my part.

Time to sign off. Hopefully, I get enough sleep tonight.

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