Friday, April 6, 2012

New Baby Bath Tub for the Little One

I just ordered a new bath tub for the little one at today! We need one for her when she comes. I like that this bath tub has a built-in shower that can be used to rinse her instead of just scooping the water by hand. The primary reason why I chose this bath tub is because of the shower. It's got a sling for a newborn which can be detached when the baby gets bigger, older, and can already sit by herself. I still have to check everything when I already have the physical item and see if this is baby bath tub provides what we need for our newborn. I saw another one that also has a shower in it which looks better than this one. Unfortunately, it's out of stock. Hopefully the one that I just ordered works perfect for us. The price was $29.99 + tax, but I only paid $0.64! Yup! I used the $15 free gift card that Sears sent me, the 10% online discount of the item's price, and the points I accumulated in my Shop Your Way Rewards membership. What a saving! Can't wait to pick it up in our local Kmart store and see if it's the right one for us. If we decide to keep it, I'll definitely write a review of this product. :)

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