Saturday, March 31, 2012

Loving My Vitafusion Calcium Adult Gummies

I have finally able to breakout from the bondage of taking calcium pills. I am not a fan of taking pills, but I have to with some vitamins—specifically prenatal vitamins. I am currently taking 5 prenatal vitamins a day, 2 of them are calcium. I couldn't wait to consume everything in the bottle so I can get another one. But instead of another vitamin in a pill form, I decided to go with adult gummies.

I had been consuming my Vitafusion calcium vitamin gummy for several days now. Boy, I love these! They're not only easy to take, they're also yummy! These vitamins are made of natural colors (orange and purple) and flavor creamy swirled fruits in cube shapes.  Each time I throw in one in my mouth, it makes me feel like I am a child eating her favorite candy treat of the day. I no longer have that dreadful feeling everytime I had to take two pills of calcium each day. With the adult gummies, taking calcium vitamins daily now becomes a sweet delight rather than a "bitter" treat.

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