Thursday, March 1, 2012

Pregnancy Aches and Pain Relief: Bengay Cream or Cold Therapy?

First and foremost, my very special thanks to LaForce + Stevens for sending me a free full tube of Bengay® Cold Therapy gel. Few hours after my recent post about Bengay Cream, I surprisingly got an email from the company and asked me if I would be interested to review the newer Bengay Cold Therapy. Who can't resist this offer? So, I grabbed this great opportunity and got my free tube on Saturday delivered through Fedex. A hand-written note came with the sample, which I thought is very sweet and personable. My husband was also surprised about personalized note too. He thought it's so nice of the company's representative, Capel, to spend time to hand-write a note.

The Test

I was so excited to try the newest addition to the Bengay products. I am already a fan and I couldn't wait to see if this one works better than the Bengay cream I am currently using. So, I immediately tried the Bengay Cold Therapy gel the night I got my free tube. Receiving the free item was a perfect timing because I was standing up and walking for hours at Goodwill that day and later felt the effects of my physical exertion. Well, combine pregnancy and age. That's what happens.

The moment I opened the tube, the first thing I noticed is the smell. It smells like cold medicine. The smell is a little bit strong for me, so I am not thrilled of it.  Even if there's that "mentholly" scent that I like, there is a distinctive smell that reminds me of a cold medicine. The gel has an aqua color that makes me think of the ocean—cool and refreshing. That's a plus.

I squirted a good amount of the gel on my palm and rubbed it on to my lower back and hip. These mentioned body parts felt achy and sore. Few seconds later, I felt that cooling effect on my back. The sensation was a little bit similar to the cream but different. This one gave me some kind of a "chilly" feel. It's like combining ice and menthol onto your skin.

I waited for few minutes for my aches and pains to go away. Because this product is newer, I expected it to be more effective than the one I have been using. Several minutes had passed and...

Test Result

Disappointment was what I felt after trying the Bengay Cold Therapy gel. It didn't give me the relief that I was expecting. After minutes of application, the relief effect on my pregnancy body aches and pains was very slight. Were my expectations too high for this product? Absolutely. It's the newest in the market and I therefore I anticipated it to give me more of what my body needs. Unfortunately, it didn't.

Sticking with the Old

I feel privileged to be able to try two kinds of product of the same purpose and of the same brand. I am very grateful that I got to try one for free. Thank you so much to LaForce + Stevens for giving me the opportunity to test and review the Bengay Cold Therapy. It's an honor.

The result of the test makes me decide to continue using the Bengay cream instead of the new one. The cream gave me the body aches and pain relief that I need. It is a great product and I am greatly satisfied with how it makes me feel better after getting battered with my pregnancy physical discomforts.

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