Friday, February 24, 2012

Clipixing My Online Life

My Clipix

I spend many hours a day browsing hundreds of stuff online. The internet is big a part of my daily activity. I usually browse things that involve topics about babies and children, online shopping, buying and selling, current news, freelance online jobs, interesting videos and photos, blogging, and of course the very popular social media website that everyone in my close relations are into—Facebook. Because I do these things almost everyday, I sometimes get overwhelmed with the amount of information I look up and gets very frustrated when I forget to save in my browser's bookmark the things that I like to see or read again. When this happens, I have to redo my search which unfortunately takes a lot of my extra time. If only there's a way to fix my problem, my life online would be more relaxing.

Well luckily, I found a great solution to my dilemma. Installing clipix  in my browser's bookmark! This is a new tool that I just discovered and didn't hesitate to try it. After all, it's free! Being introduced to a new online application, the execution to realize the purpose of this tool is very easy. All I had to do is drag the "Clip" bookmark to my browser's bookmark bar and it's all set to start the work that it's meant for. Now that I have it in my browser, it's so much easier for me to add various pages that I like in my clipboards . Besides, I am able to put them in a specific category that I personally made. That way, I do not cram everything in one place and gets confuse which is which.  Not only it is quicker for me to save links, my online stuff are also organized. Moreover, clipix has another cool feature that I really like. It's called Syncboards. It's a system that allows me share my online stuff (that I want to share) with family and friends and they can do the same with me as well. It's a collective sharing of interests within the groups that I want to participate in.

I have just started clipixing my online activities and it's fun. I no longer worry saving a lot of things that I like because this time, it's so much easier for me to do it, in an organized way. I am starting to make clips of the things I am interested the most: family related subjects, online shopping, favorite websites, health information, interesting news, and music. I should be adding more in days to come. How about you? What would you clip if you use clipix?

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