Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Becoming of What You Dream

Ever have that moment of where you just want to stop the time, close your eyes and hope that when you open your eyes again you have all the things that you wished for? Sometimes I have those moments.

One of the things I wished for when I am in my dreamland is a adjustable coffee table dining table. I would want a coffee table where it can be transformed into a dining table. Call it 2-in-1! I'd also love to have a place on my coffee table where I can store magazines and books. That way, when I want to spend my time relaxing, I can grab something to read while I drink my coffee, and probably rest my tired feet. For a coffeeholic like me, this item is luxury.

Ever dreamed of spending a date night with your other half in a fancy restaurant wearing a Adrianna Papell evening essentials? Well, I do. Who wouldn't want to wear a wardrobe made by Adrianna Papell? It would be a perfect outfit for that very special, exclusive night that I'd want to spend with my beloved. I bet he'd love what I wear.

I love to daydream. I love to drown myself in fantasy (sometimes). Life without them seem dull. As human beings, it's just normal for us to create our make-believes specially at times when life looks colorless. Fantasies are rainbows of life. And yeah... before I take another plunge into my dreamland again, I have to call my husband to get a 20x36 air filter. We definitely need to change it. Daydreaming is so much better when you breathe clean air.

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