Thursday, March 22, 2012

Highlight of the Day: Frozen Vegetable Treat

I just discovered today that frozen vegetables are great treats for my daughter. I was packing lunch for her Dada and she saw me grabbed the bag of frozen vegetables, mainly carrots and peas, from the freezer. She asked for the vegetables but I refused and told her that it's for Dada. Her demand became incessant and my refusal for her wishes became insistent. In my mind, she will just play with the vegetables and waste them, so there's no point giving in to her request. Her appeal against my saying "no" caught her father's attention. He told me that Evie wanted frozen treats. That opened my closed mind. But I had to ask if it's okay for her to eat the raw, frozen veggies. The signal said "go" so I put a little bit of frozen vegetable treat in her bowl. Well, she came back three times to ask for another treat until I said enough and she can have them later.

I realized that my daughter was eating a great, nutritious snack! So much better than sweet treats. How in the world I refused to give it to her? Thanks to my dear hubby who was there to serve as our referee and my counsel. From now on, my Evie gets frozen vegetable treat whenever she wants! :)

"Highlight of the day is the most memorable part of the day that I share/experience with my daughter. I realized that as a stay-at-home Mom, I tend to forget how very special and what a great privilege it is to be with her 24 hours a day. Most of the time, I become swallowed by the monotony of my daily activities and often overlook those moments where she made me smile or cry. Moments like these are very special, and one day I want to reminisce these times with her. So, I decided to make room for this part of the journey here in my blog page. Every day she teaches me lessons on how to become the best mother that I can be for her. There is not a single day she doesn't fill my heart with joy."

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