Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My Toddler Eats Her Snot

Why do kids eat their snot? Is it out of curiosity? And after that curiosity is satisfied, why do they do it again? Is it because of the taste? Gross, huh?

I saw my daughter the other day chewing something in her mouth while her fingers were so busy picking her nose. My motherly instinct told me what's in her mouth but I wanted to confirm it from her. So I asked. "I eat snot!" She responded to my interrogation with so much innocence, honesty, and excitement. No denial at all. Her answer even sounded like she was so proud of what she was doing. Eeeewwww! Yes it's yucky. But she didn't know what she's up to. All she knew is that it tasted "salty—" a flavor that her taste buds enjoy. I have to explain to her that snot is not food, it's dirty, it's gross. I know she understands the word "dirty." Haven't seen her do it again. Makes me wonder sometimes if she does it while I am not watching. Probably. But I am hoping she's not.

Seeing my daughter ate her snot made me question myself if when I was a kid, did I do that too? "Yes" is the closest possible answer. It was done out of curiosity and enjoyment of the taste. I know it sounds yucky, but when we're a child, we do everything in complete innocence.

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