Thursday, July 28, 2011

Evie Knows Her Shapes

My daughter has mastered her shapes since she was 21 months old, but I only got the time and chance to take a video of it yesterday morning. Just been so busy lately. Anyway, learning basic shapes was not that difficult for her and for us. As usual, repetition is the key. She's got books with shapes in it and a laptop toy with shapes (and other educational stuff) that her grandparents gave her last Christmas. We just taught her "diamond" the other month and since then, our game everytime we're in the car driving is asking her the shapes that she sees along the streets. Of course the most common ones are rectangles because you see them everywhere with street signs. And also, there's the diamond shape that she just recently learned. So far, she remembers both.

Not Ready for Colors

We attempted to teach her colors. However, we don't think she's ready yet for it. Right now, the only color she knows is orange. She's 100% right everytime we ask her the color of something that's orange. The rest, she never answers unless we say the color and ask her to say it too. Well, I'm pretty sure we'll get there. For now we're happy with shapes.

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