Friday, July 29, 2011

She Goes Poo-Poo in the Toilet

Evie surprised me today in a good way. She went potty in the toilet! It was a tiny poo-poo, but doing it in the toilet is a big development in her potty training routine. Before it happened, she took off her diaper and told me she wanted to go potty. We had to hurry to go to the bathroom because I had a feeling that she will go potty. Indeed I was so right! I am so proud of my little girl.

Her potty training is still a little bit of struggle. For few times she actually peed in the toilet (which was very nice feeling as a parent when you heard something dripping while she's on the toilet). But most of the time, she pees and poos in her diaper. She tells us several times a day that she wants to go potty. She usually informs us just after she pees or poos in her diaper. However, we still take her in the toilet. She has been taking off her wet diaper a lot lately. Maybe because she doesn't feel comfortable with a wet diaper anymore. I think she's getting to be more conscious of what's happening. A lot of times, she's already half naked the next time I turn my head to check on her (what she's doing).  Because of this, we use several diapers a day because she doesn't want to wear the wet ones anymore. Hopefully as she gets more attentive to her potty activities, she will finally learn to do it in the toilet instead in her diaper. Crossing my fingers.

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