Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Snots and Kisses

If Hershey's got "hugs and kisses" my daughter got "snots and kisses."

I found my Evie so funny and sweet this morning. She woke up at 7 and was asking for milk. Because I was still so sleepy, her Dada got up and took care of her needs while I drowned myself in dreams.

Every now and then, I got awoken by someone opening the bedroom door. Who else but my daughter? That's what she does everytime I'm still in bed and she's awake. She keeps checking on me. Since I was too immersed in my dreams, I fell back to sleep. Too persistent to wake me up, she tried to arouse my sleepyhead by kissing me in my lips with matching snots. Well, the wetness and slimy touch on my skin from her snots was not pleasant at all. With my eyes closed, I smiled of what she was doing. It may be moist and sticky, but the gesture was so sweet. Her Dada told me that she checked on me four times this morning. Ah, the joy of being her mother!

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