Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Mom in Scrub

Sometimes I imagine myself wearing scrubs and ask myself how does it feel to be involved in the medical field? The medical profession is quite in demand nowadays, and so, if I were given the chance in the future to go to school and choose a college degree, I would go for one of the offered medical courses. A nursing assistant maybe. I find joy in taking care of people, so I think, this job is the right for me.

So why  nursing assistant and not a nurse? As  much as I love to see nurses in their nursing uniforms, I don't have the guts to deal with blood, mending deep wounds, and pricking needles on the patients. These responsibilities are just too much for me. Nursing assistants just do the milder tasks like checking a patient's blood pressure, temperature, feeding, and more. With this kind of assignments, I'd be satisfied to be the nurse's "eyes and ears" and wearing my neat lab coat.

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