Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Evie Attends a Birthday Party

Evie had fun at Ahnica's birthday today! She played with other kids and was able to try toys that she doesn't have at home. New toys are always exciting! But as always her favorite were the balls. I do not know what's in balls that she could not resist. She's also able to have fun in the inflatable bounce house with Kaitlyn. At first, she couldn't figure out how to play with it. But after Kaitlyn get in to play, she tried to imitate her. She was having hard time with the jumping. She still couldn't lift her entire body to jump. Next year (God willing), she will surely enjoy inside the bounce house.

I remember last year when she went to the same party, she got really bad rashes. It took us a while to figure out the cause. I thought it was the grass because she was crawling all over and it's her first time to play on grass. But later we were able to determine what triggered her rashes: the ice cream I fed her. She's allergic to any food with dairy products, and regular ice cream is one.

I'm quite glad that she's able to go out today and play with other kids. She needs to socialize every now and then. And today, it's one of those days with great friends. Happy birthday Ahnica!!!

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