Friday, March 25, 2011

Little Colds Honey Elixir for Children's Cough

When we reached at Superstition Ranch Market to buy fresh produce this morning, we heard Evie from the backseat coughing followed with throwing up. We rushed to open the car's back door and saw her clothes full of nasty mixture of liquid and solid food that she had eaten for breakfast. She gagged herself. It is something she does when she's got a cough. She'd insert her fingers in her mouth, making her puke. Vomiting won't stop until everything that she ate are spewed.

I remember the last time she had cough, this throwing up incident also happened. So, I told my husband that it's something that we should watch carefully whenever she gets a cough. We need to make sure that she doesn't put her fingers inside in her mouth everytime she barks, or else, she will only make herself feel worse from throwing up.

Cough Treatment for Children

To treat her cough, we are currently giving her a teaspoon of Little Colds Honey Elixir every 4 hours. It's her second time to use this dietary supplement. It actually helps soothe her cough and sore throat for a time being. It is really useful specially at bedtime. We are just glad that she's not allergic to honey because this supplement is made of honey. If you have not given honey to your baby/toddler yet and you plan to try the Little Colds Honey Elixir, I suggest you give your little one a small amount first and see if he/she has any allergic reaction to it.

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  1. Have to take care of the child allergies surely.Cold and cough are very common problems in children and therefore there should be handy remedies for the same.probably a cough syrup that suits the child well.