Thursday, February 10, 2011

Make Money from Blogging with Social Spark

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Did you ever ask a question how you can make money from blogging? The answer is, 100% YES! If you love blogging, I bet you also would want to make money of some blog posts you wrote. For months now, I have been paid with some of my posts from various advertisers. I tell you, you don't get rich out of it. But making money out of the thing you love to do is a BIG PLUS!

How to Make Money from Blogging

If you already have a blog page, all you need to do is
register your blog on Social Spark. If you don't have a blog page yet, better start making one now. There's a bunch of free blogging hosts around the internet. Two of the most popular ones are and Word Press. All you have to do is register and begin creating blogs of your interests.

Most of my sponsors come from Social Spark. Social Spark is a popular company which allow bloggers to earn money through Social Media Sponsorships. These are paid sponsored posts from different advertisers who want to promote their products through your blog.

Registering your blog on Social Spark is the first step to making money. After this, the company will send you an email, informing the approval (or disapproval) of your blog. Advertisers will send you offers, instructions, and how much they will pay you for a post. It's up to you whether to accept the offer or not. You have the freedom to choose which advertiser you want to publish in your blog.

How Much You Can Earn

If you are a starter, you will get paid from $5 to $20 for each (approved) post you will make for a particular advertiser. Not bad, huh? You also need to have a
Paypal account when you register on Social Spark. Paypal is the (only) channel used by the company for you to receive payment of your works. If you don't have an existing Paypal account, opening one is very necessary or else your payment gets stuck in your Social Spark account.

Payment Schedule and Terms

Social Spark pays the blogger one month after the article was approved. The amount of payment will reflect in your account. Moreover, you can only cash out $50 or more. Therefore, if the total amount of your payment has not reached $50, you cannot transfer it in your Paypal account.

Can't wait to earn money from blogging? Click
here and register! If you have questions, feel free to ask, I am so much willing to answer what I know. :)


  1. Hi Riz, thank you for sharing. It's always great to know other ways how to make extra money on the side. Will try this soon.

  2. You are very much welcome Mi! Mao jud, specially stay-at-home Moms ta :)