Thursday, February 24, 2011

Elmo Fever Attacks My Daughter

I am talking about Elmo from Sesame Street and not a kind of illness. Yes, my daughter is now one of Elmo's fans.

It all started when my husband played an Elmo DVD that we got from Goodwill. She was mesmerized by this red, furry muppet with orange nose and tiny voice. You can tell that she liked it because of how the show totally captured her attention. All eyes and concentration were on the screen.

The theme of the show is too advance for her, so, we don't play it often. She can only watch it once a week—that's the rule. 
Each time I turned it on, she got so excited. Later she begun to learn to sing the "la la la la" part of Elmo's song. Aside from that, the word "Elmo" was not difficult for her to learn how to say it. Now, each time she wants to watch the Elmo DVD, she sings "la la la la Elmo!"

My husband and I never realized how much she likes Elmo until we went to a Borders bookstore. While touring around, her Dada saw an Elmo plush toy and let her hold it. We did not plan to buy the toy because it's a bit pricey. We can get an Elmo plush that's cheaper than what the bookstore has. When we took away the toy from her she kept saying "Elmo, Elmo" in a very pathetic voice. As a parent, that moment was heart-melting. I didn't know she's that much into Elmo. When we reached home, I immediately browsed eBay and look for an Elmo plush with reasonable price. I saved some on my watchlist.

Dada found an Elmo plush toy at Fry's on our grocery trip that weekend. It's an 11-inch plush, so it's not big. We decided to get it for her. There was that poking in our hearts that only parents can feel. A kind of poking that's telling you, "I want to make my child happy, so I'm getting this, no matter what." But the good thing is, the Elmo we found is not pricey at all. It's only $7. The sparkle in my daughter's eyes while holding Elmo cannot be compensated by a price. Her smile was endless as she kept saying "Elmo, Elmo!"

Why Does She Like Elmo?

I do not know the right answer to this question. I only have a theory. I think it is the combination of Elmo's tiny, sweet voice, vibrant color, kid-friendly songs, delightful laugh, and high energy. In totality, Elmo has the charisma that my daughter loves. Like other millions of kids and even adults, my toddler is now a fan of Elmo. Because of this, I bet we will be buying a lot of Elmo's stuff. The father already started. :D

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