Thursday, July 1, 2010

From First Four Steps to Many Steps

At 10 months and 2weeks old, Evie had finally able to stand up by herself (without holding on to something) and walk as much as she could. I can still remember her first four steps where she struggled on working with her balance to tread more steps. From then on, she practiced her skills everyday. Her patience and determination paid off. She is such a determined girl, I can say. Whenever she discovers something physical that she can do, she works hard to become skilled on it. Now that she can already walk several steps, I barely see her crawl. Unlike when she was still practicing to walk, she usually ended up crawling when she's in a hurry—maybe chasing the cats or me and her Dada. I am so proud of my girl. The next big stage to look forward to is her learning to run—now, that's more fun!

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