Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Nice, Comfy Bedding Means Good Sleep

I am a meticulous Mom when it comes to my daughter's crib bedding. Her comfort when she goes for morning and afternoon naps is quite important to me. I see to it that the bedding she's sleeping on is clean, smooth, and comfy. I actually like the ones that are purely made in cotton because the softness gives a nice feel against her skin.

Aside from a great set of crib bedding we got for her, the good quality of mattress pads that her grandparents purchased for her before she was born totally helps my daughter get a good ounce of sleep. It's not hard nor too soft—just made perfectly to sleep on! Plus, the waterproof features of the pads are awesome because there are instances that her diaper leaks. It prevents the mattress from getting soaked with baby pee.

When time comes for us to transform her crib into a bed,
for sure, we will get great quality of kids bedding. By then, she'd get to pick a theme and color that she likes for her big girl's bed. I am pretty sure that superior quality combined with her personal choice of fantasy themes bedding, will carry her into the dream world everytime she closes her eyes to sleep.

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