Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Munching Corn: New Thing at Meal Time

Munching corn almost every meal time has been Evie's "new thing" now. It's funny to watch her holding a small piece and chewing it using her two tiny teeth. Her cute, chubby hands look so amusing everytime she spins it. She loves corn! And most of all, I think she likes it a lot that she can feed herself—"little bit of independence" she probably thinks. Another funny thing is, she throw the corncob on the floor when it's already empty. What a girl! :)

We first introduced pureed corn at dinner time. First taste was already a success. Later we mixed it with pureed sweet potato. She liked it even better because it's sweeter. Then I realized that corn is quite abundant during summertime, so, why not give her corn in the cob? Well, not the whole cob. I sliced it into thin discs (half an inch thick) just enough for her small mouth. I keep some in the fridge for the rest of the day. My little girl is already starting to eat "big girl's" food :)

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