Monday, June 28, 2010

Evie is 10 Months Old: The Early Walker

My precious one just turned 10 months a week ago. It's amazing to think that she is getting bigger and smarter as time passes by. She learns things so fast and is exhibiting more of her initiative skills. Dancing and singing has been "her thing" when she hears certain beat of music. Exploration and curiosity of the things around her seems unending.

9 to 10 Months Milestones

- Evie is an early walker. At 9 months and 2 days old she trod her very first 4 steps. Balancing was the biggest challenge in her first few tries. From then, she's taking more and more steps and fell over when she lost her balance. She needed to hold on to something to stand up in able to walk around. When she's not too confident walking by herself, she used the walls to help her maintain her balance while she cruises. This development stage is one of the biggest milestones I got so excited about. From a crawler, she turns into a walker! How great is that?

Activities and Favorites

When it comes to activities, at this stage she likes chasing our cats (Tom and Crichton). She shrieks with delight everytime she sees them doing something and when she tries to run after them. She likes playing balls specially the one that her Dada bought her. She also likes spinning our swivel chair.

Her favorite toys this month are her balls. When she's at her grandparent's place, she enjoys playing with the cube that has animals, puzzles, magnets in it.

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