Tuesday, February 1, 2011

"I Don't Want to Go to Sleep"

My daughter has been refusing to take her afternoon naps the past days. Whenever I take her to the bed, she's like a wiggly worm, talks and sings a lot, and bounces off the wall. Makes me crazy and frustrated. At the same time, it makes me wonder whether this is the beginning of the "terrible two" stage. Huh. Too early to tell. She's also been fighting against going for bedtime. Before, right after she kissed her Dada (or me) goodnight, she'd run off to the bedroom door and open it herself. These past nights, after she kissed Dada goodnight, I had to drag her to the room. She collapsed on the floor—declaring her protest.

I read on Parents magazine about a Mom who's got a problem the same as mine. The column adviser said that as long as the baby is not cranky during the day and sleeps tight through the night (between 10.5 to 11.5 hours) she's fine. Evie gets 10 to 11 hours of sleep each night. But I still think that at her age, she still needs an afternoon nap.

I tried to be cool and calm when I took her for a nap this afternoon. Same thing happened. So, I resorted to holding her still. She was crying. She wanted me to let go of her. She's denying that she's sleepy. After five minutes of holding her still, I let go of my arms. She crawled to my chest and lay down. Two minutes after, she was snoring. Obviously, she's "not tired." Of course, I mean the opposite. :)


  1. Babies are always like that, they refused to go to sleep regardless of how tired or sleepy they are,but none the les,s theyir body thinks otherwise. :)

  2. Uhmmm they are changing girl. They are so so busy that they dont want to sleep. BTW visiting through Bloggers Exchange

  3. I am here because of the awesome TBE. :)
    Babies' moods differ. They don't want to sleep because they are always eager to try out new things.

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    Happy blogging!

  4. I found your site when doing a Google search on Social Sparks, trying to learn more about it. Anyway, I read a few of your posts and I wanted to tell you that when my boys were little (they are grown men now, 21 and 24) we never had bedtime or nap problems because I would read books to them. They loved having books read and I always had a large stack from the library on the nightstand. Sometimes at night I would read ten books, but it was always a relaxing way to get them to sleep, and they looked forward to it. I think your little one would enjoy Richard Scarry picture books, they are simple and easy to read. Even if she lays down calmly for a while it will help. Good luck with nap time. Mom knows best and if you think she still needs a nap, she probably does.

  5. Thank you very much for sharing your experiences ladies! I appreciate it so much!