Thursday, January 7, 2010

Evie, Sleeping on Her Tummy

I freaked out last night when my husband who got home from work around 1 in the morning called me from our bedroom...the baby was dozing on her stomach! That was a scary sight. My first reaction was rushed into her and rolled her over on her back. Thanked God she's breathing! We didn't know how long has she been on that position. I didn't hear her fussing while I was in the living room. I forgot to turn on the monitor. But still, if she fussed that much, I could have still heard her because the living room is not far from our bedroom.

What happened was unexpected. Although, most of the time when we put her on her bassinet for a nap, many times while still awake, she'd roll over and cry aloud. Her bassinet is not that big, but still she manages to get on her tummy. Last night was quite shocking. I presume she was moving a lot, half-awake, rolled over and fell off back to sleep.

Because of such incident, I could no longer trust her that much while she's napping. I have to check her from time to time and see how she's doing. And one more thing, I should not forget to turn on the monitor.

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