Friday, January 22, 2010

And She Turned 5 Months Old

It's crazy to think how time flies by so fast; Evie just turned 5 months last Monday (January 18). Every now and then, she surprised us with new developments and tricks. Day by day, a "personality" in her is shining. All were new adventures for me as a mother, and each moment is filled with awe, gladness and contentment.

No pedia appointment for this month, so I do not have updates of her weight and height. Her next visit to the doctor is next month. It would not be fun for her since she will be getting another batch of shots.

Anyway, I missed to include on her 4 month update a number of developments that she was showing. Some of these are:
  • spreading her arms when she wanted to be picked up
  • making noises or pretending to cough when she wanted attention
  • fetching her feet with hands and put them in her mouth
  • recognizing her food (she actually first showed this when she was hospitalized @ 3 months)
  • everything that she holds goes into her mouth (until now)
Physical & Mental Developments

Bouncing - The day before New Year, she discovered how fun bouncing is on her Exersaucer. As parents watching their little girl did a new amusing activity, it was so delightful to watch. On her first attempts, she would only do it once in a row. Later, she'd bounced successively.

Sleeping on her side
-If her favorite sleeping position when she was weeks to 2 months old was both arms stretched above her head, at this stage, her favorite is sleeping on her side. It's cute to look at, but, from time to time, she would end up on her tummy specially if she is not yet completely asleep. Plus, there was one instance where she indeed slept on her tummy (which was scary).

Blowing raspberries
- I'm not sure whether she discovered it on her own or her Dada became an influence for her to do this. There were times that when her Dada played with her, he'd "blow raspberries" on her tummy. There were times we're awaken by her blowing raspberries in the morning, maybe it's her way of telling us that it's time for Mama and Dada to wake up! :)

Crawling - This is one of the biggest milestones as she turned 5 months old. It's so entertaining to watch how she does her crawling. She looks like a little mermaid swimming. She needs more practice in able for her to become a "combat crawler."

Watching Baby Einstein - I'm amazed of her attention span and her reactions when she watched "Baby Einstein" DVDs. I think the colors, shapes, and moving puppets really caught her interest. Watching these educational DVDs is already a part of her daily routine.

Sitting up - She exhibited this new physical development a week before her 5-month old celebration. Currently, we are giving her more time on the floor which includes sitting up. There are times that she lost her balance. Needs more time sitting up.

Excitement for the Next Month

I am totally looking forward when she turns 6 months. It's not because she will get another shots (he he), but because we will finally introduce her to solid foods. I heard that it will be messy and requires endless patience. But hey, who cares? No pain, no gain. I love every new little thing my daughter does. How much more the BIG ones?

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