Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Rolling Over At 6 Weeks

Evie made me laugh so much this morning despite of how tired and sleepy I was. I put my daughter on her stomach for her "tummy time." As usual, she paddled and pushed her feet as if she's trying to crawl. She lifted her neck and head like a pro. The big surprise was, she moved her right shoulder and chest upward, lifted her right leg and rolled over...bam! She's on her back! My first reaction was crack a big laugh. I was so stunned of her doing such a brave move at this early stage. However, I doubted a little bit. I thought, maybe, it was just a coincidence. Maybe the little slope on the couch made her flipped over. So, I moved her farther from the slope and see if it was really her own effort doing that baby stunt or not. Well, I underestimated what my daughter can already do at 6 weeks. She did the same move and rolled over again. That made me burst into laughter again. I proudly told her daddy what she did. I thought I was the first one to discover her new trick. I was wrong. Her daddy told me that when he had Evie do her tummy time on our bed the other day, she did the same. Oh my, I can't believe this baby is developing so fast.

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