Monday, September 7, 2009

Music Spell

Today, we officially introduce music to Evie's nap time.

Two days ago my husband and I were watching a music video of Shirley Bassey's version of "Let's Get This Party Started" by Pink on Youtube. We noticed that the rhythmic sound appealed to our daughter's sense of hearing. We saw it through her eyes' movements and facial expression. She looked like she was paying attention to what she was hearing. And later, my husband put her in the crib and turned on the mobile. She was enchanted by it and her eyes were changing directions as the stuffed dinosaurs hanging on the mobile were rotating.

Finally, Daddy set up the stereo in Evie's room this morning and tuned the dial on an FM station that plays classical music that primarily include the masterpieces of Mozart, Beethoven and Bach. I heard that among the music genre, classical develops the ability of the brain to solve spatial problems than other types of music. We are giving it a shot! There's no harm in trying. It might work.

So far, she had a good sleep with the radio on. Hopefully, this new method will indeed help her give a soothing, quiet, better nap time.

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