Saturday, September 12, 2009

Most Painful Cry A Mother Hears

What is the most disheartening to a mother than seeing her child in pain?

Evie had her second newborn screening yesterday. When the laboratory technician asked who will hold the baby while the test is undergone, I immediately answered "daddy." I didn't have the strength to hold her knowing that a sharp (needle or blade? I don't know) object will be poked into her left heel to get blood samples.

The moment she felt the pain, she started wailing. It's the most heartbreaking sound I've ever heard in my life. It felt like my heart was being gripped. So, that is how a mother feels like when her child is going through a painful ordeal. Watching her struggling with the pain for few minutes was unbearable. With all her physical strength, she tried so hard to escape from her daddy's arms. Her yowling subsided as she buried her fist in her mouth. But everytime the lady squeezed her foot to get more blood, Evie expressed her total discomfort.

But you know one thing I discovered with my daughter? Even if she cried so much from that screening and sounded so helpless, she showed us how brave she is. How do I know? As her mother, I just felt it. I knew it from the sound of her cries. My daughter's endurance motivates me to be more strong for her, to be there for her at any cost.

The newborn screening was not my favorite part to deal with (so far). The shots would probably be the next least favorite agenda to handle in the successive months to come.

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