Monday, September 14, 2009

First Day Without Daddy

Daddy went back to work today after spending the whole 4 weeks with Evie and Mommy. I felt a little bit strange not having my husband around, except the baby, Tom and Crichton (our cats).

Well, the first day without Daddy in the house was good. Eve was eating and sleeping well (thanks to the battery-operated swing that her Nanny gave us yesterday). The swing really helped a lot during nap times. Mostly, 10 minutes after being swayed by the machine, she's off to dozing. Her sound eating and sleeping pattern today made me able to do a little bit of household chores. I was able to wash the dishes, clean the fridge, fold linens, and do some blogging :).

Speaking of household chores, I have TONS in mind and wanted to do them right away. Usually, my mind gets overwhelmed of the "must-dos." But I realized, I simply could not do them in one day specially that I have an infant who needs my extra care and attention. So I thought of listing the things that need to be done and assign a particular day to accomplish it. Hopefully the idea works.

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