Saturday, August 15, 2009

Moving Like Crazy

Evie's kicks are no longer as active as when she was 6 to 8 months. According to the pregnancy book that I have been reading, on the 9th month, the baby's moves decrease because she is getting bigger, and there is no longer much room for her to wiggle. Well, I have observed the changes. But last night, she was moving so much to the point that I felt like her head was settled on the part lower than my pelvic bone. It was a crazy feeling everytime she moved on that area. I never felt her that energetic before. The movement took longer than I expected. I was wondering if she really wanted to come out on that moment. I think she feels too squished inside now that she no longer feels comfortable.

On the other hand, I noticed mild contractions when I was asleep last night. It woke me up sometimes, but, tried hard to ignore it. I felt the same kind of contractions days ago, but I observed that the pain's intensity was stronger. The contractions occurred again early in the morning, but didn't last for long.

Hope that those contractions I had are signs that my body is progressing to prepare the big day for Evie.

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