Saturday, August 15, 2009

Walk, Make Love, Spicy Food

A lot of people have been telling me and my husband that walking, making love, and eating spicy food help the baby to come out. Well, we did all of it last night. After all, there is no harm in trying. Who knows?

I ate spicy chicken wings from Native New Yorker for dinner (not the spiciest one), and we strolled in the mall for almost an hour after sharing our evening meal.

Making love was beautiful. I did not only feel the physical connection with my husband, but as well as emotionally and mentally. Physical intimacy gives me the feeling of oneness with him. We didn't feel sleepy after, so we just absorbed our time together talking. It was already 2AM when both of us were so exhausted and just slammed our dead-tired bodies on bed.

Today has been a tiring day. As usual, it was so hot outside. We went out for lunch and ate at Black Angus. I didn't have spicy food though :) I was amused when my husband said the grace because he was asking God for us to have the baby either today or tomorrow.

We did a lot of walking. Went to Target and Toys R Us, proceeded to the cheap movie theater and watched Land of the Lost. We chose to watch a hilarious movie because hubby was wondering if laughing helps trigger labor as I was so tired when we got inside the movie house and fell asleep with my head on his shoulder during the previews. I woke up when the movie started, but still so drowsy that I fell back to sleep. There were times my husband's laughter woke me up, but was overwhelmed with my heavy eyes and tired body. I think, I only saw half of the film.

I felt much better after coming out from the theater, so we spent time walking around the mall. Dropped by at some shops, bought See's chocolates, and had a 15-minute back massage on a shiatsu massaging chair (oh so soothing and relaxing).

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