Monday, August 17, 2009

Water Breaking: False Alarm

Woke up at 4:30AM yesterday because my bladder was complaining. When I got up, I felt something leaking, an amount of fluid that I didn't experience coming out from me all throughout my pregnancy until this stage. It was not gushing. If I were to estimate it, must be about a tablespoon. I actually felt one coming out maybe an hour before the second one happened. My sleeping shorts was a bit wet.

I told my husband that my water must be broken. Fortunately, he was awake that time because he also got up to go to the bathroom. We decided to get dress and get ready to go to the hospital.

The hospital necessities that I packed two weeks ago were loaded in the car. At 4:45, we started our trip to the medical facility. I was officially admitted in the triage at 4:58AM after we passed through the receptionist's office. I was hooked on a fetal monitor machine. Donna, the nurse who attended me wrapped two kinds of monitor around my belly. One is for the baby's heart rate, the other one for my contractions. Blood pressure and temperature were checked. Later, she took a sample of fluid in my vagina and checked my cervix. I was still 1cm dilated, however, 60% effaced. The effacement of my cervix was a huge progress! Last Thursday during my OB checkup, it was only 1%.

The sample of my vaginal discharge was brought to the laboratory to find out if what was leaking from me was my amniotic fluid. From the time my cervix was checked, I had leakages. It was a mixture of blood and the mucus that I had been discharging. While my husband and I were waiting for the lab result, we amused ourselves by watching the Food Network channel. I was still hooked on the machine. The nurse brought me a pillow so I could use it to support my body while laying on my side. The purpose why I had to lay on my side was to wake the baby up, which she did.

An hour and forty five minutes after my fluid specimen was brought to the laboratory, the nurse informed us that what I was leaking was not my amniotic fluid. It's only mucus which is a normal discharge specially on the last weeks of the pregnancy. I was told that when the amniotic fluid breaks, it continues on coming and won't stop leaking. What I had was not continuous. Donna called my OB and informed her about my admission and we were advised to go home. We were given instructions that if and when my contractions are 5 minutes apart and gets intensely painful where it comes to a point that I will have a hard time walking or talking about it, we need to go back to the hospital. So far as the contraction's monitoring is concern, they were still weak.

After spending 2 hours in the hospital, we checked out and went home. Both of us were so tired. We only had 4 and 1/2 hours of sleep. We rested and waited. Contraction intervals and intensity were progressing but not too painful. From time to time I still had the leakage coming out.

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