Monday, August 3, 2009

Banner Gateway: Where Evie Will Be Born

The Banner Gateway Hospital is a very new medical facility where our little Evie will be delivered. It is located in Gilbert, AZ...maybe 15 minutes away from where we live. Not that far. :)

This picture shows the front view of the building, and a parking lot.

Oooppss, there's Evie's daddy, entering the women and infant center's entrance :)

Information/reception area. It's empty though. Wonder where the receptionist had gone :)

During the hospital tour, we were informed that the hospital will give us 4 wristbands that we will wear while inside the hospital premises: one for the patient (me), one for the support person (my husband), and two for the babies. The other band that the baby gets will be worn on her ankle. It is a safety device that prevents the baby from abduction. We were warned not to go near the exit while carrying the baby because the hospital alarm automatically turns on and alerts everyone. It's a good thing that the hospital has come up with this safety measure. Makes parents more at ease and secure.

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