Thursday, August 13, 2009

12th OB Appointment: Anxious, Worried, Confuse

(39 weeks, attended by Michelle Carnes, RN)

Gained 2lbs. Blood pressure is good. Baby's heartbeat is good. Cervix, 1% effaced.

As what the nurse said, the progress of dilation is not like what they (medical practitioners I supposed) expect at 39 weeks. So, we discussed about induction. We were told that waiting for the baby to naturally come out at least one week late is fine. Later than that, the placenta gets older and might not be able to supplement the baby's needs.

We were asked if we want to schedule induction in case Evie does not come next week or the week after. I really didn't think nor ask about the pros and cons of induction. Since the subject was opened, all I could think is that, it must be the best for the baby, because if not, why would they ask our thoughts about inducing me after a week or so.

We were told that we have to make a schedule a week before the planned date because the hospital might be filled by then if we scheduled later. I do not want to be on that situation, so, my instant impulse was to decide for a date. Their schedule for induction is only from Monday thru Thursday. We have our Immigration interview on the 18th (Tuesday), so we could not go on the said date. The 19th, and the 20th are open. She asked if I would care which doctor would I want to attend me during the delivery. While she went out to check the schedule and which doctor is on call on the possible dates, my husband and I decided that we will go for Dr. Messer. When the nurse came back, she informed us that Dr. Stephens is free on the 19th and 20th. However, Dr. Messer can take care of me on the 21st (Friday) if I want to. To conclude, next Friday is the day we expect to finally see and hold Evie.

Later this day, I heard not-so-good stories of two friends who went through induction and both of them ended in CS because of fetal distress (and maternal distress). The experience left emotional and mental scars. Hearing these stories made me question myself if making a quick say to be induced next week is the right decision. I can really wait for a week or two after the due date. But I am concern of the baby's health and safety while she's inside me and that's what matters of all.

I solicited the opinions of mothers on my Facebook network about the plan. Their support, advices and suggestions should help me decide what move to do next. Most of all, I need my husband's understanding, opinion, and support.

This is the hardest situation I have to deal with my pregnancy. Though my pregnancy is almost over, I feel all the emotional and mental pressure on me. I am scared something bad happens because of making the wrong decision.

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