Friday, August 14, 2009

Postponing The Induction Next Week

Yesterday was a total stress: mentally and emotionally.

My husband and I was able to discuss about the induction last night...with stirred emotions. I was able to tell him about my thoughts and preferences, and he shared his opinions. We had a tentative decision before we went off to bed, and this morning, a final decision was made.

We are going to cancel the induction that is scheduled next week (the day after Evie's due date). We will wait for another week, that if, it's still safe for our baby to stay inside that long. I feel more comfortable and at peace if we will wait for another week than rushing her birth using medical intervention. Thanks to a friend who made me realized this (you know who you are).

We went back to the OB this morning. We wanted to directly talk to any of the 2 doctors that were taking care of my medical needs, but, they're not available. A lady attended us (seems like she's got a high position in the office) and ask about our concerns. So, we told her about it. She said that she cannot comment about our case, only the doctors, so we need to see and talk with any of the two (Dr. Messer or Dr. Stephens).

She moved my OB appointment next week. Instead of Wednesday, it was changed to Monday. And instead of the nurse to attend to me (who was supposed to be meeting us on Wednesday), Dr. Messer will. Come Monday we will tell Dr. Messer our concerns and plans. I should have another exam, so is the baby's weekly checkup.

Actually, one of my concerns too is Evie's size. She might be getting too big now for me to deliver her naturally. But with all hopes and prayers, I still look forward for it.

August 27, 2009 is the date that my husband and I agreed to have the induction, just in case. But who knows? She might surprise us next week. I still have 2 weeks to hope and to pray.

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