Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Pretty Gifts From Relatives

Evie got a pretty bib and yellow T-shirt from Aunt Sparkle and her daughter Genifer last Friday. They sent it through postal mail. Aunt Sparkle is my mother-in-law's one and only sister/sibling. Mom's sister lives in Lake Havasu, a part of Arizona, but a bit father from Mesa where we are.

I like the colors of the presents. One of my favorites! According to Gen, she got the shirt from the aquarium in Oregon, near where she lives. Really pretty!

During Evie's baby shower, she told us that Gen and her will be sending more stuff for our little princess. Yay! I can see how this girl be so spoiled with pretty baby stuff from my husband's relatives :) The game is just starting!

Thanks Aunt Sparkle and Genifer! And to answer the question printed on the bib: You are!!! :)

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