Thursday, July 30, 2009

Recommended Pregnancy Books

I am not a book reader, but, with the pregnancy going on, I had to read. Pregnancy books have taught me a lot of things about childbearing. They are a great source of information aside from pregnancy magazines, television, and my medical provider.

I have been specifically reading two good books which I want to recommend to all pregnant women:

Mayo Clinic: Guide to Healthy Pregnancy
What to Expect When You're Expecting

The Mayo Clinic book is my most favorite. However, I was not able to read all of it because I only borrowed the book from the wife of my husband's brother. Her sister is pregnant and needed the book, so I had to return it.

Currently, I am hooked to the second book which is also full of detailed information. Topics included in this book are:
  • preconception preparation for moms
  • what you may wonder about pregnancy (signs, diagnosis, etc.)
  • choosing your practitioner
  • pregnancy profile (gynecological, obstetrical, medical histories)
  • stages of pregnancy (1st to 3rd trimester -- physical symptoms and the growth of the baby, prenatal visits & check-ups)
  • pregnancy lifestyle
  • labor and delivery
  • expecting multiple babies
  • postpartum issues
  • tips and info for dads
  • how to cope up with sickness while pregnant and chronic conditions
  • pregnancy complications including childbirth and postpartum complications
  • coping up with pregnancy loss

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