Friday, July 31, 2009

Packing Stuff and Childbirth Class

Packing Things
I decided to start packing the things we need to bring to the hospital today. I am quite grateful for the tips I got from my friend Miriam, who is a mother of two adorable girls! I thought of packing Evie's necessities first, and if I have enough time today, I will also load the stuff my husband and I need.

Later, I will post the things that I packed.

Childbirth Class
Our childbirth class will start tonight from 6:30 to 9 at the Banner Gateway Medical Center. It's the same hospital where I will have our baby delivered. My husband paid $70 for the class. We were asked to bring 4 pieces of pillows and the baby book we got from our OB/GYN office. It will be a series of class, so we need to go back tomorrow at 9 in the morning and should end at 1 in the afternoon. I presume that the hospital tour will be done tomorrow too since it would be too late for tonight. I look forward for the vital pregnancy information that we can get from the class. I am pretty sure it will help a lot during my labor and delivery as Miriam, Jenny, and the OB said.

My husband should be home around 5:30 this afternoon, so I had to prepare the things we need to bring before he's here.

I will be writing my childbirth class on my blog. :)

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