Thursday, July 30, 2009

10th OB/GYN Appointment: 1lb Heavier!

(37 weeks)

I had my 10th OB/GYN appointment this morning. Surprisingly, I only gained 1lb, yahooooo! -- from 152lbs to 153lbs. Oh, I was delighted about it! Actually the pregnancy book that I read stated that during the last month, a pregnant woman's weight could either slow down or stops as the BIG day approaches. Gaining just a pound is good news to me :D

Dr. Stephens took care of me today. Among the three doctors I've met in Oasis OB/GYN, she's the one I see more often. Besides, the one that I like has left the company and started her own private practice.

Physical Exam & Stuff

My Group B Strep Test turned out to be negative. That's another good news! Evie is in perfect condition -- her heartbeat is normal, my belly measures perfectly, and she's still moving as crazy. When the doctor measured the height of my fundus, she commented that I am such a cute pregnant woman and my belly shape and size is perfect! Oh well, I am petite, I think that makes me a cute preggy girl :) The baby's position is head's down which is a good sign. She did an internal examination of my cervix to see how far I am. This time, it was unpleasant. Maybe because I was not too relaxed. Glad my husband was there to remind me to just relax, I would have forgotten and the unpleasantness could have been worse. She said that my cervix is still hard. Well, I've got 3 weeks more to go. Although she informed us that at 37 weeks, anytime, I could be on the go!

Physical Discomforts

It's almost 2 weeks now that my hips, specially on the lower back, as well as my buttocks feel heavy and achy. I can feel that Evie moves a lot on the cervix area, which is a bit uncomfortable. She is still moving a lot on random time of the day. Sleeping at night is getting tougher. Now that she's heavier, shifting positions becomes more difficult specially when I have to get up to go to the bathroom. Walking from laying down has changed too. The joints between my butt and upper legs are sore which makes me waddle on my way to the bathroom. However, the soreness does not stay that long. When I am sitting down, I need to get up every now and then to avoid getting that achy feeling on my joints.

Appetite is unpredictable. There are times I do not feel like eating. But when I get hungry, I see to it that I fill my empty stomach. Feet, ankles, and hands are still slightly swollen.

I am in the final stretch, yepeeeyy!!!

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