Tuesday, July 7, 2015

DIY Star Wars Rebels Sundress For My SW Fan

So today, I decided to continue my newest addiction: sewing (simple) dresses for my girls. Unfortunately, the little sister does not like to wear dresses. But I thought, she might wear a dress with her favorite movie/TV show characters on the cloth. I grabbed the Star Wars Rebels fabric I got from our Joann local store and was hoping that she will wear it.

Very simple halter sundress is what I sewed for her. I embellished the hem with yellow lace and made a flower out of the same lace and hand sew it on the center. The lace make it look a little fancy.

The total yardage of fabric I used for this dress is 1 1/4. Hemline is gathered using two strips of 3" x 90" of the same fabric. Halter tie measures 2" x 90." I use 1/4" elastic on the top.

Thankfully, she wore the dress! But... it didn't stay long (sigh). I asked if she will wear a dress with her favorite characters in it, she gave me a naughty smile and said "yes." Therefore, more character dresses for my little tomboy. :)

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