Wednesday, July 8, 2015

My Not-Picky Eater

If some moms complain about their kids to be picky eaters, I am not so with my three year old. Fi eats almost anything and everything -- from the earthy taste of mushrooms to sumptuous desserts. This girl always surprises me when it comes to eating. The other night we had green salad with homemade red wine vinaigrette. I asked if she wanted salad and without hesitation gave me a positive answer.The vinaigrette has a strong flavor of minced garlic, so I decided to give her ranch dressing. She ate all of her salad and yet kept asking her dad to feed her of the salad in vinaigrette. To my amazement, she liked the homemade dressing and demanded to have more! I just smiled with such gratefulness in my heart that I have a toddler whose eating is never a problem.

Of course there's food that she doesn't like to eat. She does not like avocado and black olives. So far, these are the two kinds of food she refused to eat.

For lunch today she had fish sticks, tater tots, mangoes, pulled pork, and green salad.

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