Thursday, April 9, 2015

Wakie Wakie Sissy

Daddy hears somebody in the bedroom
calling for sissy. Later, he hears blowing
raspberries on somebody's tummy.

Well, hello big sister! What are you doing?
Ate is trying to wake Fi up. First whispering to her
ears. When it didn't work, she blows raspberries
on sissy's tummy.

Sissy is still so sleepy. She moans. She moves.
Grabs her baby cow. Tries to go back to sleep.

But everyone in the house are a little too loud
surrounding her in the bed. She finally decides
it's time to wake up. How about a big hug for Ate?

And Felicia went missing. Guess where she is?

Girls wakes up not in their typical mornings today.
It was fun though. In fact, I like it this way every
morning. :)

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