Saturday, April 11, 2015

Of Birds, Fishes, and Playgrounds

Took the girls to a park. They have fun feeding the ducks
and pigeons with bread we took from home.

The pigeons were all over Evie when she throw some
of her lunch leftover.

Fi loves chasing her new found feathered friends.
It's been a while since we went to a park with birds.
Today is a happy day for her.

I am so amused to find out that this lake is full of
"huge" fishes! I am lucky enough to snap a photo of
this fish which tried to eat the food we threw on the
water. There are many of them.

We eat our lunch picnic style. Fi is so enamored with
the birds nearby that she doesn't want to eat her food.
She forgets how hungry she is. The sightings around are
enough to fill her day.

 We end our visit at the park in the playground. The
girls have can stay here the whole day if they get to
decide when to go home.

Lovely day for the family.

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