Monday, March 30, 2015

Phoenix Zoo Adventure

They didn't know where we were going as it was a surprise.
Evie has some kind of a clue because of the wagon, but
wasn't very sure. "Surprises" stimulate curiosity and excitement.

My kindergartner who now knows how to read
finally found out when she saw the big sign.
The excitement has doubled.

Fi was still an infant when she visited the zoo. I
realized it's been a while.
One of the most fun thing to do visiting the zoo is riding
on the wagon!

First sight of a giraffe.

Snacks before starting the adventure with nature.
Evie ate the entire strawberries her dad prepared.

Caught in a spider web. Evie loves it!

These may not be a real elephant ride, but they love it!

Goofy "pearls" in a giant oyster.

This goat immediately got down on the ground when
Fi started brushing him. I think they both like
each other. :)

Evie's happy that she's able to get closer with goats
around and brush them. She's allergic to animal hairs, so
she doesn't get to play with animals a lot.

 The sisters' encounter with a gregarious turkey.

Thanks to the zoo's water play, it helps the girls
cool down after walking in a 95° heat.

Both were tired after a wonderful time at the zoo.
Until next time!

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