Friday, October 17, 2014

My Kindergartner is a Principal's Pride

So proud of her "Principal's Pride" brag tag.
 My Evie came home today from school wearing their school's honor roll lanyard with a "Principal's Pride" brag tag on it. She was given the award for doing such a great job in school! I couldn't keep my smile (ear to ear) off my face when I saw it. Her achievement is my achievement. It gives me a message that "Mama is doing a great job, too!"

Along with her honor roll brag tag, she also got a snake toy (she chose herself from the class' treasure box) as her reward for getting a perfect score in spelling. Despite of being absent for two days for being sick, she still managed to do awesome in her spelling! Another score for me, yeah? :)

I am one proud Mama! Way to go little one!!!

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