Wednesday, May 28, 2014

DIY Tinker Bell Jingle Shoes for My Toddler

For less than 10 bucks I was able to make my toddler her own Tinker Bell costume shoes that make the jingle sound when she walks! She will be wearing the shoes on her second birthday which is going to be a Disney fairies and pirates theme.

If you decide to make your own Tinker Bell shoes, the steps are very easy and materials come handy!

Materials I used and sources:
  • Shoes (Sears clearance for $3.50)
  • Green glitters (Dollar Tree)
  • Elmer's glue
  • Feather boa (Walmart)
  • Needle and white thread
  • 4 pieces bells (15mm) (Walmart)
  • Clear nail polish (get the cheapest one)
  • Hot glue
Steps on how to make the Tinker Bell shoes:
  1. Apply Elmer's glue all over the shoe's shell.
  2. Sprinkle good amount of glitters and let it sit overnight.
  3. Brush nail polish to seal the glitters. This helps the glitter from coming off. Let it dry for a couple hours or more.
How to make jingle pom-poms
  1. Glue two bells together. Make sure you do not glue together the part with slits on it, otherwise the ball inside will stick on the hot glue, This prevents the bell from making the jingle sound.
  2. Wrap and sew the feather boa around the bell forming into ball in your desired size.
 For finishing the project, apply hot glue on the center of the toe cap and attach the pom-pom, and just made yourself a pair of Tinker Bell shoes!