Friday, September 21, 2012

Afternoon Siesta

How melting it is to my heart to watch my Evie and Fi taking a restful siesta together in our bed. I was laying in between them and decided to get up when they both fell asleep. I love Fi's position, both arms are up. She looks so comfy. Evie on the other hand is sleeping on her tummy. She sleeps better in this position, just like her Dada.

I enjoyed watching them in very peaceful sleep, probably dreaming. Makes me wonder what they dream about. Fi might be dreaming of a fun, long, dip in a pool of infant formula. While my Evie could be dreaming being Spiderman fighting against the bad guys. It's amazing to gaze upon their innocence while asleep. One of the simplest, yet, very special sight that brings a mother, JOY.

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