Tuesday, May 8, 2012

"To:" Not #2; It's ABC

I got my daughter new Preschool Prep Series educational DVDs that arrived yesterday. I was excited to let her watch it, so this morning, we turned it on. She's watched Meet the Letters, Meet the Numbers, and Meet the Shapes. Because she already knows letters (except the lower case), basic numbers, and shapes, the videos were a little bit easy and boring for her. I thought that the "Meet the Sight Words" series would be the right videos for her to watch and learn new things. So, I turned on series 1. While she was watching it, I heard her say "It's not number two! It's ABC!" When I looked at the TV screen, the video was showing and kept repeating the word "to." I cracked into a big laughter. It's funny to think how at her age right now she doesn't understand the concept of many words and their meaning, and yet, she knows a lot of symbols, and what they sound and look like. And she reacts to things the way she understands them. Well, she was right of her reaction this morning—"to" is not #2,iI's ABC. :)

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