Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Creating a better entertaining space in our dining room

Guest post written by Sarah Bannon

Whenever we have stuff that's overflowing in one room we most of the time just put it in the dining room because it is out of sight and out of mind. Well, I decided that I should actually fix up our dining room because we're having company over for Easter and after I cleaned out the room last weekend I realized that I really don't like the decor.
Since then I've been using my spare time to look up dining room sets and makeovers for inspiration. When I was looking through some dining room makeover pictures I saw information on sears home improvement and decided to take note. We've been talking about redoing other parts of our home sometime this year so I think that we'll use that for some help with it.
I've seen all kinds of trends in dining room furniture, including getting some chairs that don't exactly match to go with the dining room table. It brings a little more personality into it that way. Besides, I want our home to reflect our personalities.

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