Saturday, March 24, 2012

3-Hour Glucose Test Ordeal

Having my 3-hour glucose test yesterday was no fun at all. Five vials of blood were drawn. Aside from being poked with needles five times, the most challenging part was the waiting.

I failed in my one-hour glucose test that was administered weeks ago. My glucose test level result is 146 mg/dL. Passing grade is 130 mg/dL. Obviously, I flunk. I didn't expect this to happen because I didn't have this problem with my first pregnancy. But things like this can happen during the next pregnancy. I must have eaten more sweet treats in this pregnancy than the last one. Or could be because I didn't fast the night before my first test and sipped a cup of coffee before going to take the test. I don't know. I wasn't just too ready to hear the result.

After the technician drew my first two vials of blood on my right arm, she gave me a higher dose of sugary drink which will help determine my glucose tolerance. She warned me of the possible effects of the drink to my body. I was told that I may get nauseated and even worse throw up and pass out within the first hour after I gulp the drink. She said that I just have to survive the first hour (not vomit or pass out) and I'll be fine, or else, they will re-schedule the test. Ooppsss, not a good thing to hear. That concerned me of course. Nausea and vomiting are my worst enemies. I don't want to befriend them, ever.

I was happy to have my husband's Kindle with me. That should entertain me while I have to deal the 3-hour waiting time. He was thoughtful enough to download the book that I wanted to read: Aleph by Paul Coelho. So after I left the lab, I settled myself on the lobby's couch and started to read. Well, there's one thing I forgot to remember—reading makes me sleepy. After reading three pages, my eyes felt like they're starting to kiss the floor. Huh. The trick didn't help to keep me awake but made it worse. I had to find another alternative. Thankfully, I found the video button and messed with it. There's three TV shows downloaded in the Kindle of which two I am not familiar with. I have no choice but to watch Battlestar Gallactica. At least I know a little background of the story. I watched some episodes with my husband before.

While keeping myself entertained, I was also consciously monitoring how my body feels. After what I heard of the possible side effects of the drink, I couldn't help but think about it once in a while. Thankfully, the sugar didn't mess with my body. I was fine and acting normal, well aside from getting so drowsy, I just wanted to go home and fall asleep.

In my second trip to the lab, Kelly (the technician) tried to draw blood in the same arm. Looking at the needle being jabbed for many times to find that tiny vein was not exciting. However, she's very good at it. She made it less painful for me. It was unsuccessful though, so she had to try the left arm. Lo and behold, she found the vein and blood streamed out so fast and quick. Whew!

I went to the lab four times within 3 hours. The moment I got there (8 A.M.), two vials were taken. At 9 A.M., another vial of blood was drawn, and one at 10 and 11. It was an ordeal indeed. I am so hoping that the reward of my ordeal is a normal result or else I have to change my diet. I went home and chowed down my rice and fish. Less than an hour later had passed after I filled my stomach, I was in my dreamland.

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